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Ying Chen — My queer body, my ownership

Free Projects

Berlin Pride – CSD Berlin 2023
UdK Berlin seminar "Queer as Truck" facilitated by Constatin Hartenstein & Sylvia Sadzinski
Performers: Ying Chen & Naza Lotus
Special thanks to Zhiping Bian for his technical assistance with the sound and music.

Currently, in Taiwan, only women with a legal heterosexual partner can use eggs to get pregnant; single women or LGBTQ partners are not able to get pregnant legally. Unsatisfied with the backwardness of this law in Taiwan, we created a praying performance of "My queer body, my ownership" to Mazu (媽祖), an LGBTQ-supportive goddess in Taiwan's folk religion, in the hope of letting the world know about the situation in Taiwan, thus making it more important for Taiwan to emphasize LGBTQ rights and women's rights.