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Florentin Aisslinger — Living with Matter

Free Projects

The technocultural people, that is us, have the duty to study and cultivate both innate and elaborate forms of care, risking and welcoming direct encounters with unexpected matters and collaborators in the future. One can re-practice both care and caretaking on a very intimate level via daily waste rituals, to be evolved toward overarching technocultural care. In this evolution of care, technology is not a solution nor a threat but is there to help enable living with waste matter. By entering your carefully sorted plastic waste into the Living-with-Matter-Converter-1 located in a public space, an injection moulding device morphs and transforms your personal waste instantly into a Living with- Matter-Brick-1. The emerging brick exists as a result of both care (Sorge) and taking care (Besorgen), giving due consideration to circular matter manipulation, intergenerational care and the wider agency of all matter. Finally, we come to understand ubiquitous plastic waste not only as an ever-present resource and open-source material but as a collaborator for building more than human worlds.