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Susa Schmid — Blickskulpturen / Gaze Sculptures

Free Projects

We allow our views to wander, but the view sometimes gets lost or we lose ourselves in the gaze of another. Glances have a direction, the gazes meet, they lock or we refuse the gaze.

After thinking and researching the gaze, its direction and perspective, the technical gaze and the sculptural, I had the desire to turn these fleeting, intangible gazes into the tangible forms of Gaze Sculptures.

So I built a DIY-eye-tracker and set out to record my own gaze:

– a Look in the Mirror
– a View
– an Eye Contact
– a Tear

The calculated points of view build the view path, the xy-coordinates in space called the gazeface. Connected with my standpoint and viewing direction, a gaze-volume is built.

Paper models, rapid prototyping, making moulds and the pouring of polyester resin are used for the process of making the sculptures.

So in the end, the Gaze Sculptures - like the gaze itself - almost have the ambiguity of a jewel with its various directions and refractions.