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Andi Rueckel — 木 木 木

Free Projects

BOREAS III is a paraphrase of Joachim Sauter’s CHRONOS XXl

In collaboration with Marcel Haupt.

BOREAS III, 2018 New Media Class, Berlin

Boreas, god of the north wind and of winter. He who symbolises wind and winter,
was the thematic point of departure for the creation of the kinetic media installation Boreas III. The piece is a ‘paraphrase exercise on continuity’ by Andi Rueckel and Marcel Haupt and is an homage to Joachim Sauter’s work Chronos XXI which was created during his residency at Villa Massimo in Rome.

A pendulum continuously swings in front of a monitor. This motion controls the slow synthesis and destruction of depictions of Boreas and the monitor. Boreas appears in various interpretations.

In addition to these historical depictions newly generated images appear. For that,
the neuronal network of an artificial intelligence was trained with contemporary Boreas images. Its resulting ‘halicunations’ of Boreas are fed into the continuos flow of images.

Occasionally, Boreas’ counterpart Notus who represents god of the south wind, slips in and interrupts the pictorial meditation about the constant rhythm of existence.