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Nicenboim Iohanna — Objects of Research

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Who is the object in the Internet of Things?

As the Internet of Things has the potential to deeply influence every aspect of our lives, it can also impact on the way we perceive objects, as well as ourselves. Thanks to their connectivity, objects are expected to become more autonomous – adjusting to complex situations and even anticipating our needs or acting on our behalf. In fact, from the perspective of the information imprint, objects are already becoming indistinguishable from humans.

What are the implications of these changes, and what is our new role in these systems? Looking at the current trends in technology, where we quantified ourselves, as well as the models we use for consuming digital content, this project raises the question whether we will be the actual objects of the Internet of Things.

With four fictional appliances, I explore the scenario in which objects could manipulate information and conduct research on us. From this scenario, I extract tree paradigms: the house as a lab, objects as services, and humans as objects.

Project website: http://objects-of-research.iohanna.com/