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Tilman Richter — Wall of Tendencies

Free Projects

The urban public space is full of information. We move through this space, constantly filtering useful from useless information. This behavior is very similar to the way we move through the public space of the web. The overwhelming abundance of information leads - in the city as well as in the web - to a dissipation of information and thus to a hindrance of a collective formation of interests and opinions. The research project "Data From Ground Zero" investigates the subjects "cities", "networks" and "data" theoretically. From the insights of the theoretical work, practical approaches in form of a series of prototypes where realized. These are experiments in connecting information of the physical and site-specific with the virtual and distributed; augmenting surfaces and walls in the urban public space with properties of the public space of the web.

The "Wall of Tendencies" is a physical sensor as well as a physical display. It offers the passersby to leave an evaluation between two opposing terms.