// new media class

Ying Chen — Bubbles

Free Projects

Sound installation
04:55 mins
Soap, harmala seeds
Dimensions variable
UdK Berlin seminar "Too much is never enough" facilitated by Constatin Hartenstein & Sylvia Sadzinski

Between vedanā-skandha and vijñāna-skandha, “Bubbles” is a first-person journey of liberation with Formosahuasca.
Under the turning point of Peganum harmala, I began on my own path of cultivation.
I traveled between gender identities, back and forth across the inner highlands and barren lunarscape.
After the final washing ceremony,I became what I am today.

The singing bowl resonates deep into the body; the tiny, yet subtly pore-opening baoding ball that appears in a single moment impacts on the brain's rhythm of generating a new idea every 0.01 seconds, the idea is slightly vibrated into four equal parts, then drilled into the upper back of the brain with the smell of harmala and abruptly stops.I saw that my body was made up of thousands of bubbles, each containing a naked me without sex organs.Suddenly I couldn't speak Chinese, there were too many choices, I didn't know which word to choose, and then all the strokes came apart.A minute after I came out of the toilet and I wanted to go to the toilet again.Worms were running all over my body. I tried to stop them, but it didn't work. But I knew everything would be okay, that this would be temporary, and that I would get over it.