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Ying Chen

Ying Chen, born in Taiwan in 1990, is currently studying at the Berlin University of the Arts.
Through multiple media, including new media, installation, and video, Ying’s early works are concerned with the relationship between media, communication tools, emotions and human consciousness.
After gradually recovering from social anxiety, her direction has shifted to the interrelationship between personal emotions and nature. Recently, she has been attempting to collaborate with non-human beings and explore the possibility of coexisting with all beings in the universe from within.

CV : https://reurl.cc/j3LgLM

Portfolio 2014-2022 : https://reurl.cc/eL1meW

UdK Berlin seminar "Rave and resistance. Politicizing the dancefloor" led by Dr. Anita Jóri
Final assignment "The political aspects of the rave culture in Taiwan and Hong Kong in the Early 2000s":