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Martin Kim Luge — Hear the grass growing

Free Projects

Grass, a place to meet someone, for communcation or only to see expressions of nature. The grass is growing and generates more and more of its own soundscape,so listen to the behaviour.

In our research we wanted to compare nature and technology to point out parallels.

When gras starts to grow, only a word, as a part of a sentence, is telling you! When you take care of it, you can hear the hole sentence! The sequence of the words makes more sense when the complexity of roots gets higher. The surface of roots ideally suited for use with technical extensions and gives feedback about the growth!

Our product consists of three layers, that show the upper grass, the root system and the technical device for a clearer understanding of the process of growing! When the roots connect one another, the microcontroller detects it and gives a signal to a sounddevice to playback a further sample over the integrated speaker!

The audience can see what happens when grass is growing! Care, light, nutriments and water as well as the sequence of connectivity are accountable for the soundscape!

Hear it!