// new media class

Zoe Spehr — time flies

Convergence — Winter 2020

The lockdown, a measure due to the global pandemic that started in early 2020, keeps many waiting in a state or space that is being described as ‘liminal’. It is the space between our past lives and somewhere in the distant future that has not emerged yet. Naturally, time plays the central role in this transitional state. Because of the pandemic, we are encouraged to stay at home and thus the feeling of time passing seems even longer than usual.
Based on a quote by Marc Wittmann, "When I am waiting [...] I start to feel myself and time starts to stretch [...]", this project works with the thesis, "action or interaction makes the time contract".
A circular-working plotter which can be mounted on a wall like a common clock documents this fluctuating and changing feeling of time passing by. By playing with two metal spheres in hand, the deflection is being influenced and re-balanced, via the significant clicking noise occurring at collision. This is a depiction of syncing up with the linear perception of time.
Time Flies displays a graph-like documentation of the personal feeling of time passing by.

In collaboration with Niklas Thran.