// new media class

Zoe Spehr — NW-Dent-AQ prototype series

New Wilderness (Course) — Summer 2021

In collaboration with Maxim Tur.

Teeth are being primarily used for food intake but also for hunting, fighting, building and communicating in the wild. Because of evolution, there is a wide range of different jaws and teeth in the animal world, specialized in their needs.
Wilderness is associated with instincts and urges therefore the jaw or teeth function as a manifestation of instincts. 

„The whole material culture since two million years can be understood as a try to put an artificial one onto the ‘given’ body. The prosthesis should be in use of the nervous system. It gained with humankind an autonomy and is more than a mean to survive of the body and reproduction.“
Vilém Flusser: Vom Subjekt zum Projekt. Schriften Band 3. Herausgegeben von S. Bollmann und E. Flusser. Bensheim und Düsseldorf 1994, S. 95

To oppose this and to find wilderness we need to explore the animalistic and bring it back to the human to create a human animality.
The wilderness of the sea serves as a reference to draw from. 
We are looking for the animalistic and placing it onto the human to create a new wilderness.