// new media class

Zoe Spehr — sound space

Designed Uncertainty (Course) — Winter 2020

In collaboration with Ernst August Graefe.

In the context of designed uncertainty we explored the movement and presence of a person within a room.
Distinct movement shapes your presence. As we move individually and depending on the context, our mood etc. presence is not repeatable and uncertain.
The room is constantly altered by different presences.
To amplify the presence we translated the physical movement and distinctive non-movement with sound in a restricted area.
The sonification of the body movement defines the room and highlights the limits of the defined space.
Every person explores the room differently - there is an area of relation between generated sound feedback and body perception.

The use of a sound generating setup and sound trigger zones results in complex relations in the control processes.
The room can turn into an instrument where you can guide your sonification of movement and actively control the musical outcome.

The setup is a room with a xbox kinect which tracks your body movement in a certain restricted area. Although the room it self is bigger only in the "eyesight of the kinect" the movement will become audible. Certain body parts and movements are triggering different sounds as well as multiple areas are activated by entering with your body. Spatial relations of body parts alter the expressions of the sound through parameters.
There is a direct sound feedback while moving through the space.

To document the project we choose to work with a performer who explored the room possibilities and created her own sound presence.