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Zoe Spehr — fish in archive

Time Apparatus (Course) — Winter 2021

„The face of the fish is his obvious weakness“ - Brian Curtis (The Life Story of the Fish)

Even if it’s one of nature's first drafts of a face, still strange to a human. The strangeness of the fish hasn’t changed over time, and so it will linger on scientifically archived and categorized.
In an archive, every object is labeled and categorized in the process. Without the label, the meticulously categorized objects in the collection wouldn't be more than a cluster of things getting lost in the chaos.
The fish has been categorized and captured in various ways to archive the species.
Various categorized information about the object is forming the object itself.
The project recombines the categories of an object to create new objects in the process. From fact to fiction.
Retelling the content of the archive. Maybe even questioning what an object is.