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Tatiana Pakhmutova — Unstable Space

Unstable Objects (Short-term Project) — Summer 2020

Our emotional stability is partially reliant on the space around us.

In a stable space things are going linear. One function after another. But in times of confusion and uncertainty, where everyone is forced to change their life due tue covid-19, we are starting to lose our sense of space. Within a few weeks, our homes were forced to take on a multitude of other functions: office, university, diner, leisure space, etc. Space starts to be random.

With the help of projection mapping I filled my room with objects that represent the spaces functions during the day. At first there is a perfect order and stability. But after time, they start to randomise. The instability begins.

The project Unstable Space was presented during the video conference – turning the stable background of my room into an unstable space.