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Tatiana Pakhmutova — SCHTZNGRMM_v.20.20

Poetics of Repetition (Course) — Winter 2019

History repeats itself. The wars stay the same – only the battlefields change.

In 1957, the Austrian poet Ernst Jandl wrote the experimental poem "schtzngrmm“ (based on the word „Schützengraben“ – the trenches of the World War I). In this poem the sounds of war are told only with combinations of letters, which sound like gunfires or detonating missiles.

These wars are still happening right now, fought by hacker-groups, propaganda-bots and online-activists.

cyberwar #hybridwar #thirdworldwar #culturewars

Streams of phishing emails, data sold on the dark web, new types of malware — all of it happening behind the internet curtain.

This is why the old poem deserves an update, showing how the wars are generated right now.

A grid of 12 LCDs display single lines of the poem, triggered by tweets containing the hashtag #war. This way the poem is re-ordered, reacting to live warfare.