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Tatiana Pakhmutova — The Last Rays of the Sun

Expanding Spaces — Summer 2020

Immediate lockdown, contact restrictions, isolation brought us to the point where we have never been before. All that is left for us is technology and high-speed internet connection. For the first time our fast-paced society looked back and started to appreciate what we miss most – nature. The feeling of warm sunlight in our face has become rare these days. Not everyone has a garden, rooftop or balcony. Sad to say: sun exposure has become a privilege. Yet, all life forms depend on it: it influences our circadian rhythm, immune system, and mood. It gives us warmth and light when we need it most.

That’s why I decided to bring the sun into my home. A disc slides up and down to represent the sun cycle. It is linked to the real-time height of the sun.

The pandemic is not over but I still believe there is a bright future afterwards, even if it is digital.