// new media class

Astrid Kraniger — Fallen Star Miner

Carte Blanche — Winter 2018

Concept for a machine that seeks the remnants of stars in terrestrial dust.
Particles from space fall down to the ground every day.
Dust is formless, colourless matter that contains everything and nothing.
It contains traces of everything that once existed - it is chaos.
An omnipresent remnant of elements that we sort out and ignore or loathe as dirt.
When we interact with our environment, we categorise.
Elements are selected, others fall out. Huge mining deposits take the earth apart in search of valuable elements. The project explores this quest for treasure, the process of separating value and residue.
This machine is looking for the star in our residues. In contrast to the practical, economic thinking behind the search for minerals on Earth, cosmic remains represent elements outside the reach of humans. They have no economic value but represent a spiritual, romantic value as well as the fascination and curiosity for our origin and a space that exists beyond our daily needs and concerns.