// new media class

Orlando Helfer Rabaça — [not] to be continued

Convergence — Winter 2020

Considering the helplessness against a higher power, our society is momentarily paralyzed.
We find ourselves in a loop of perpetual transition and movement, yet we are always coming back to what seems to be the same state.

[not] to be continued is a machine acting as an instrument of hope, mobilizing our mindstates frozen in covid-crisis mode, and giving back perspective.
Abstracting the search for relief, something seemingly unreachable and without a clear vision of it in our minds, the machine perpetually iterates through different scenarios, generating novel images through serendipity, only stopping when it has found what it is looking for.
Right now we don’t know what we are looking for, we will only know when we are there.

[not] to be continued is designed as a performance: Once the machine is startet, a randomized relief-pattern, unknown to everybody, is generated.
The machine then continues to iterate through randomized patterns as possible solutions, which are displayed and accompanied by statistics, pointing to the progression of the search.
Only when the displayed pattern matches the relief pattern completely, will the machine stop its search, forever engraved with the final pattern.

Special thanks to Traditionsbus Berlin.
In collaboration with Philippe Hansen.