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Orlando Helfer Rabaça — MIS.DIS-19

Concretely Unimaginable — Winter 2020

'MIS.DIS-19, also known as symbiotic coronavirus 19, is a symbiotic mutation of COVID-19, discovered at the end of last year. It has shown to be more contagious and deceiving, it is able to disrupt the communication on digital media platforms as a result of the overflow of mis- and disinformation published and shared throughout the Pandemic.
Its rapid spread is already visible as many users have reported a lack of sincerity on various articles. The disruption is often found to be contextually related to previous mis- and disinformational stories, that due to their high online traffic, were able to crossover and start propagating themselves as programmed ideas.
‘Pataphysicist’s insist that in order to minimize and suppress this new Variant of the Virus, it is important to resort to a fact-based information exchange and to avoid using satirical elements when communicating on these platforms.
Rumours are, that if we are not able to contain this variant, it may become impossible to distinguish the reality from the fiction. Our ability to think critically may be eradicated and our judgement endangered to the point of no return.'