// new media class

Orlando Helfer Rabaça — Looking down I see up.

Micro/Macro (Course) — Summer 2020

Locked in my own living space I start to become overwhelmed by the sensory isolation caused by the circumstance. I emerge in a state of paranoia where feelings and thoughts are magnified and my only concern becomes the leaking water of my bathrooms sink. I felt as if I the drops were a ticking clock that slowed down time even further giving no hope to an end. My obsession became the annoyance, the leak, the drops… they became my reality, my Universe.

In order to visualise the dimension of the water drop and the impact it had on me during the lockdown I wanted a way of presenting its magnitude. Instead of observing the "sane Universe" through a telescope, the telescope itself projects what became my Universe in this Paranoid state.

A laser inside a telescope is used to project water drops onto my living space. A single water drop will intermittently fall over the path of a laser, magnifying its contents, which are projected onto the wall.