// new media class

Daniel Dalfovo — Screw Lock

Free Project — Summer 2013

Tools are considered to be the symbol for human culture. Ever since, we have seen tools in any kind of shape with whatever kind of use, ranging from very specialised tools to all sorts of multipurpose gadgets. The screwdriver is probably among the most famous ones and can be found in any household. Screws have seen a very exciting development considering the almost endless amount of different kinds of screw heads, each of which with certain advantages but also disadvantages. Screw Lock is a service taking this idea to the ultimate limit. It creates always unique screws that can only be opened with the exact counterpart, the matching screwdriver. An infinite amount of screw heads can be generated and produced based on everyone's individual input, her's or his password. Deriving from the so called SHA-Encryption each password generates a unique 3-dimensional shape, which is then used to define the form. Screw Lock is useful in any situation that desires a more secure fixation. Or whenever a construction wants to be elevated by using its very own, unique screw heads.

In collaboration with Gaspar Battha.