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Chen Hsiang Fu — From Blank

Aura — Winter 2016

This project From Blank interpreted original painting Lack auf Leinwand from Sven Drühl in Museum für Asiatische Kunst. In overall, this painting's tactics of leaving white reveal the relationship between vacancy and substance.For example, the blank of the painting, seems like the silhouette of branches or the shape of blades.The cyanotype also used similar expression techniques to emphasise the spatial relationship of empty and tried to prove the existence of objects with blank space.

Follow the concept, to reveal the blank in poetic way. I printed the blank part with fluorescent ink on the white canvas by using the screen printing method, and then used the light of the projector to show the short-term vision, so that the blank part will glowing for a while. Through this scanning action to examine the omission, missing, vacancy.