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Chen Hsiang Fu — 3D Selfie Stick

Aura — Winter 2016

This project interpreted the sculpture self portrait from Antonio Canova. In the past, artists used materials such as paintings or sculptures to present their self-portraits.However people now use their own smart phones to take a selfie.

In modern times, facial recognition technology can accurately record and analyse the informations, and such technology has long been installed in our smart phones or cameras. For example, once take pictures, the focus mode is automatically detect the position of the face and adjust it. Therefore, selfie as a spiritual extension of self-portrait, a selfie stick is used as a extended tool, which can be used to position the camera farther away from the subject, allowing the camera to see more around them. I think what's interesting about selfie sticks is that when people take out with this object in public, they are building their own private area as well.

This project 3d selfie stick is to enhance the private atmosphere, so that the private field of the photograph can be converted from a single direction to 360-degree direction.