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Andy King — Hero with a Thousand Faces

Aura — Winter 2016

Hero with a Thousand Faces is a series of digital decollages centering around character archetypes that have existed within ancient narratives but have also survived the passage of time and have been carried over to contemporary media. The work borrows both its title and content from Joseph Campbell’s book on comparative mythology, in which he writes about how there are thousands of stories but a limited number of plots and character archetypes. Individual heroes and heroines can be reduced to stock character groups such as, ‘mentor’, ‘herald’ and ‘trickster’. For this project archetypes such as the Mother-Whore and good-natured Messiah have been complemented with images obtained from tvtropes.org — a wikipedia for character archetypes and plot clichés which places recurrent motifs and personality traits from ancient runes to anime and video games on a timeline.

divine mama is too good too pure
(All Eyes On) Midsummer's Eve
sweet child of mine
heart of gold