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Andy King — a_rose_is_a_rose_is_a_rose

Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose (Short-term Project) — Summer 2016

Series of photographs. Images taken from the dark net amidst circulation of celebrity nudes (The Fappening), printed out and suspended in an aquarium together with roses, liquid soap, slime and other sticky things. Digital dark romanticism. Green text poetry slam. Visual aids. Inspired by romantic quotes and stories from 4chan's /b/.

>Be me
>First day of first grade
>Dont really know anybody
>See some girl that looks really cute
>I start walking over
>Random kid walks up
>Says, yo thats my girlfriend
>Girl in back starts laughing
>So many emotions come forth
>Decide the only logical thing to do is punch the fucker in jaw
>Nurse runs up says, "What have you done?"
>Turns out I broke the fuckers jaw
>Never allowed to teach at that school again.