// new media class

Merani Schilcher — Nondescript Transitions

Constraints (Short-term Project) — Winter 2018

Do: Start with a picture of yourself.
Don't: Show yourself.

You could argue that the role of wax as a symbol for ephemerality (where it is heavily used to visualize transitions from the old to the new) is quite ironic, considering it being a medium that is used for the conservation of biological organisms. Bearing this and the fact that I shaped a sculpture of myself in mind, I ultimately landed on the subject matter of evanescence and what comes after we’re gone. Atop a construction that functions as a sort of filter hangs an incubator lamp to serve a role that is completely opposite from its intended purpose: accelerate the process of fading away. All matter is supposed to finally land in a Black Box, a metaphor for psychic processes that cannot be explained objectively. But just like in real life, it doesn’t always go as smoothly and some remains stay - leaving us wondering. Inevitably, one begins to be reminded of reincarnation and karma. The object is inquisitive, asking the spectator what he thinks comes after death.

Music: Ascetic - All Flesh Melts

Materials: paraffin wax, stainless steel, perforated aluminum plate, acrylic glass, incubator lamp