// new media class

Merani Schilcher — Doom-Monger

Media Minimalism — Winter 2019

With everything happening in the world right now, the question of how bad things might get has become increasingly urgent.

We're inching towards a crisis and one of the questions that has been lingering for a while is whether technology will be our saviour or our demise. But technology is only an expression of our humanity. With the computer as with any tool, the concept and direction must come from the man – this morphs the initial question: Are humans going to kill themselves?

The „Doom-Monger“ is an entity that predicts disaster.

When watching the news we're conditioned to seeing other people because we want to know how they're dealing with the situations at hand, but the Doom-Monger removes all humans from his vision. With him, the backstage becomes the spectacle. You're given impressions of a foreseen future that resemble déjà vus; these images refer to events that never happened and never will, even though the spoken word suggests otherwise. He's showing us the world without present tense.

They are images of our imagined future once the collapse is upon us.

Even though a lot of horrible things are happening right this moment, this work is a poetization of the present through the assertion of future asymmetry and asynchronicity.

TL;DR: The Doom-Monger removes humans from selected live video news broadcasts by means of machine learning all the while keeping the original audio intact.