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Christopher Hoehn — How It Was(n't)

Free Projects

How It Was(n't) is a real-time-simulation-video-installation. It calculates a view into the simulated sky of the past. Using recorded weather data, the sky is reconstructed and simulated at the moment of viewing at the location of the exhibition from 20 years ago.

How It Was(n't) is an exploration of digital image cultures in simulation and their use as an instrument of virtual empiricism in knowledge production. Simulation models serve to predict phenomena. How It Was(n't) inverts this vector and simulates the model of a CGI past.

How It Was(n't) was also a cultural and art historical engagement with the subject of cloud representation. From the symbolism of transcendence and eternity in ancient painting, to the capture of an ephemeral and fleeting natural phenomenon in modernity, to the technicised notion of clouds in the digital present.

M.A. Graduation Project

How It Was(n't)
4 Screens, PC, Software, Steel

supervised by Prof. Joachim Sauter, Prof. Jussi Ängeslevä, Prof. Dr. Kathrin Peters, Prof. Alexander Peterhänsel