// new media class

Philippe Hansen — Strange Dreams

Concretely Unimaginable — Winter 2020

Logic has no authority in our Dreams. During our nightly state of sleeping hallucinations we just seem to accept these gaps in cognition and narration, time and space.
Strange Dreams strives to explore these "bugs" by translating the experience to our wakeful state, in order to make us embrace this strangeness in reality.

Designed as a virtual reality experience, this project captures real scenes with 360 degree photography and manipulates these by utilizing artificial intelligence image upscaling technology, creating a strange experience on the verge of familiarity and dream-like oddity.
A dynamic system alters the surroundings outside the field of view based on camera angle, and smoothly merges the AI-altered version with reality.
Just as one starts to grasp these artifacts of a machine dream, they have vanished again.