// new media class

Fang Tsai — Embedded

Expanding Spaces — Summer 2020

As modern cities develop and interactions between people become more complex, sudden external factors interrupt our daily social activities, and our usual life patterns are forced to face drastic adjustments. Interactions with others in the real-world are gradually being replaced by digital online communication, and distant places that used to be accessible are becoming inaccessible. If we rely on perceiving the reality of others through the Internet, is it also to satisfy the inadequacies of one's own surrounding reality?

In this work, I get the streaming videos from real-time public cameras on the Internet, and through object recognition with machine learning, I select the pixels containing people from the captured street scenes and combine them into a private space of mine, which matches the perspective of the public cameras, and display the image on a small screen behind the monitor.

By making use of these real-time images, we can transcend the limitations of time and space to bring others from afar into private spaces, blur the line between public and private, and expand our own reality.