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Zhiping Bian — Corner@corner

Expanding Spaces — Summer 2020

Due the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness at home has become extremely important. The most easily overlooked space during cleaning is the corner, so it was decided to create an extra extended holographic space in the corner.

In my home, the sweeping robot plays a very important role. The daily cleaning work is very pleasant for me, so does the newly created virtual space also need a sweeping robot to work?

The detector captures the viewer's position and calculates the view angle in real time. The virtual corner is inaccessible to human limbs, but it is possible to observe a human substitute-a robot to work with the change of perspective. Humans can re-observe the machine in a higher dimension and examine the work of the machine, but they cannot touch its field of work, whether it reflects the position of human beings in society.