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Vinzenz Aubry — Unknown Territories – Searching for Islands

Navigation, Orientation, Information — Summer 2019

How does one find a place of which you don't know if it exists? When looking for information online, you are probably most familiar with finding such using a search engine, but the search is only as successful as you make it. It largely relies on how much you already know beforehand. The project marks an exploration into search engines that are not limited by language and into finding information without prior knowledge.

Most of our evolutionary history has been spent in nature, resulting in an innate love of natural settings. Humans also have a compulsion to leave tracks across this earth and discovering previously unknown places offers the possibility of making a mark on history. A land surrounded by water is perceived as the perfect place for utopian experiments and paradise on earth.

With our haptic search engine, we are giving users the opportunity to shape landmasses like a god. While shaping the sand, a camera captures the outlines of the given body, matching it in realtime with 75,000 satellite images of islands all over the planet. As you transform the shape, the machine doesn't stop comparing, constantly returning its findings in realtime.

Find your perfect holiday setting, the island of your dreams.

Created in collaboration with Merani Schilcher.

Music by Siamend Darwesh.

Materials: Steel, acrylic glass, 5mW lasers, sand