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Where do Roses come from?

Over 250 million roses are produced for Valentines Day. 
 Colombia exports over 80 million roses to the USA in only one day. Very often roses mean love or mourning, but they also mean economical power. Roses inject big incomes to many countries’ economy and turn out to be for some of them very vital.

Shades of Rose is a Data Experience Installation that makes the economic importance of roses perceivable.

This time roses carry information, instead of symbols. Five roses represent the main producer countries and they are dyed from the stems with red ink. The amount of coloring is regulated by small valves controlled with motors. After some days, the Roses reveal different intensities of color which signify the amount of roses exported in Valentines Day. By using a color scale, one can perceive and distinguish the origin of millions of these flowers produced for this day.