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Melanie Bossert — Take the Weather Inside

Sensing the City — Winter 2011

Sunshine, clouds, rain, heat or cold, in one way or another, everyone is influenced by the weather. If we are inside a room, windows serve as a connection between us and the weather. Through our windows, we see wind playing with the leaves, rainy streets or people enjoying the summer heat. Through these indicators, we are able to tell the weather conditions by a single glance out of our windows. To give us a more specific idea of the current weather, we developed precise instruments like the thermometer that transform the weather conditions into processable data. "Take the Weather Inside" visualizes the data gathered by these instruments through the weather indicators beyond our windows. A self engineered wind engine is used to measure the wind strength outside. The data gathered by this instrument is transmitted to an object inside that transforms the information into a visual output (e.g. flipping pages of a book represent the wind strength).