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Vinzenz Aubry — Cameras of Life

Transmedia Spaces (Course) — Winter 2022

Cameras of Life is a series of computer games exploring the relationship between real and digital space. The map of the installation is always a digital copy of the surrounding space creating a tension between the inside and outside of the game.

The series is inspired by Ksenia Fedorova's text "Transmediality, Transliteracy, Transduction and Aesthetics of the Technological Sublime". There she suggests that digital media can, in theory, be seamlessly translated into each other due of their common essence of 1s and 0s. By introducing real spaces designed for human use into the realm of computer games, these artworks explore how these environments are subjectively re-interpreted and re-experienced.

What happens when the relationship between space, camera and physics is thrown out of balance. What are the limits of digital translation and where does re-interpretation begin?

UdK Berlin Medienhaus
SomoS Arts Gallery