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Stephan Sunder-Plassmann — The Beauty of Oppositions

Free Projects

“The Beauty of Oppositions” is a mechanical installation, based on Claude Lévi-Strauss' theory that the “purpose of myth is to provide a logical model capable of overcoming a contradiction”.

Interpreting mythical characters as personifications of human behavior, this work brings oppositional positions together into one single image. Large-scaled, constantly moving and changing mirror foils are reflecting the viewer's distorted image and revealing its contra dictionary nature.

Apollon & Dionysos:
The greek god Apollon is the god of light, of healing and of reason. He stands for clarity and rationality. Dionysos is the personification of emotionality, of ritual madness and ecstasy. This dualism is united in the viewers constantly changing reflection , in the area of tension between a true reflection and total distortion.

Kairos & Chronos:
Chronos is the sequential quantity of time, a countable number of experiences who stands in opposition to Kairos, the god of the right or opportune, confronting moment – the dimensionless quality of time. This contradictory experience of time is represented through concrete horizontal distortion of the viewer's reflection at different heights, in close succession.

Those works representative for a study of the image and self-reflexion of people.