// new media class

Stephan Sunder-Plassmann — Construct

Exhibition in the Cloud — Summer 2012

  1. Get a stick.
  2. Take some tape.
  3. Now construct!

Of every exhibition, the visitor itself is the most unpredictable, interesting and complex variable.

"CONSTRUCT" is a concept to unfold the behaviour of the people, their interaction and reaction on to previous actions to show a self generated common base of all individuals.

Just providing construction material (sticks and tape) and an assignment, the visitors have to work on origins the curator has placed in the exhibition. It's the visitors decision, wether and in which way he wants to continue the form, if the object behaves more self contained or occupying.

When the constructs grew over time by itself, organically and self contained, they are able to tell a story, to be read. Each object by itselfs uniqueness.

The pictures are taken at the Exhibition "Prototype: Exhibition in the Cloud" at Aronson Gallery" New York.