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Stefan Höderath — 1 Pixel Camera

Computational Photography — Summer 2009

Observing the development of digital still cameras one would notice the high demand for more and more megapixels resulting in the possibility to get large format prints without quality loss.

The One Pixel Camera puts a counterpoint to this development. It has a full color Sensor with one single pixel. That are in numbers 0.000001 megapixels. The camera has common features of a regular digital capture device like a 0.79” full color display, live view and a USB 2.0 conncetion interface. It reveals the technical innovation to rescale and reproduce the original one by one pixel image to infinity without any loss in image quality or sharpness. On top of this main feature it gives you the opportunity to take photographs regardless of any limitations of permission.

Besides the technical innovation it also has an appreciable impact on how we absorb photos. Since the one pixel images are basically just showing a color they trigger our memory in a different manner than regular photos. They also demand the contemplators phantasy and imagination to produce the realistic image in their own heads based on the given meta information.