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Natalia Rivera — Bi0film.net

Convergence — Winter 2020

Independent and distributed communication networks are at the core of self-organized communities. Based on the idea of biological peer-to-peer networks, which explore how microorganisms like bacteria communicate and collectively act, we have built a human biofilm-like connectivity enhancer.

Bi0film.net is an umbrella antenna. It hacks an everyday use umbrella, turning it into a parabolic WIFI antenna, to extend the signal range for a mobile phone to join a network. Besides covering, hiding, and protecting the user, Bi0film.net helps them communicate. Depending on the adaptation, the umbrella can act as an antenna for a repeater or as a complementary part of a cantenna.

Umbrellas became a symbol of resistance during Hong Kong protests, where the ideas of self-organization, distributed networks, and collaboration strengthened themselves with the “Be Water” narrative. This is an open-source project based on a call-to-action website, where those interested in joining the bacteria resistance can find the DIY instructions to build it.

Visit the project website: http://www.bi0film.net

In collaboration with Jung Hsu
Based on the tutorial by Andrew Mcneil

Thanks to:
Juan Manuel Anzola - Scientific advice
Lulu Hsieh - Scientific advice
Carlos Acosta - Conceptual advice
Manuel Orellana - Technical advice
ZKL - Technical advice
Brian Chang - Model