// new media class

Maxim Tur — Retinal Device

Carte Blanche — Summer 2022

"All media are extensions of some human faculty—psychic or physical. [...] The book is an extension of the eye."(Marshall McLuhan) By following this trail of thought the screen is following the function of the book, as a medium used to transport information, thereby becoming the extension of the eye. From my perspective both the role of the book as well as the role of the screen can be questioned. Perceiving them as an extension of the eye comes from a limited and pragmatic way of thinking, keeping imagination in the realm of reality, the realityof devices that already exist. Retinal Device stands for the search for alternative forms to see the digital picture.
"Technology tends to reduce the work of thought and its works to the mere processing of that information for which its technologies are designed."(Marc Le Bot)
Many questions arise following this statement.
The simplest ones being: why does a screen have a rectangular shape when the eye itself is a sphere? Why are we looking at two-dimensional images if we’re able to comprehend three-dimensional spaces with our own eyes? Why, if our vision is not framed but has a complex gradient, we frame the pictures we look at?