// new media class

Hyungjoong Kim — A Printer

Poetics of Repetition (Course) — Winter 2019

Minimalism, in art history, focuses on human activities such as ‘perception’, ‘recognition’ and ‘senses’. The artists who were in this field were bascially against the dominated concept at that time, 'Abstract Expressionism', where the subjective emotion and feelings of human being had been considered as the most important thing in the art.

Minimalists just tried to eliminate those decorative and illusory factors from art by using geometrical shape and simple repetition so that they could remove emotions and perceive their artworks just as objects.

When we think about 'new media art' recently, these core subjects such as ‘machine equals human’, ‘computer as a human being’, or 'artificial intelligence' encroach all the scene. I think this perspective of seeing media and creating artwork is very similar to decorative and illusory factors as abstract expressionist. Inspired by the minimalism movement back in the day, I also try to remove all the human subjective factors and create the object-looking artwork by simple repetition. This project is to approach machine as an object(machine), and machine as an artwork, not as human-personified object.

  • After the semester, I created 12 more modules and had an apportunity to show the whole sets in the 'Daejeon Biennale 2020 - A.I' The documentation of video and photos here have been taken during the biennale.