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Hibiki Ishijima — Now You Are Watching A Stream_01

Expanding Spaces — Summer 2020

This video streaming performance expresses “Uncertainty of Information”.
The range of spaces that we can perceive is our world itself.
The internet expanded spaces that we can perceive in many ways.

After the pandemic, I got tremendous amount of information about what is happening outside of my private space via internet from inside of my room while being stuck there.
I was overwhelmed by the quantity of information that I got, saying different things from one another, seems as if every information claims “This is True!”.

This video streaming performance has multiple-layers structure, every scene seems prerecorded, but some scenes try to convince viewers to believe “This is Real”.
In this performance, pre-recorded videos and current video are mixed up.
However, there is no way to make sure what is real or fake, just like the information we get through the internet.