// new media class

Fang Tsai — Eye Simulation

Micro/Macro (Course) — Summer 2020

If we put our computers, tablets, or mobile phones under a microscope when we are using them to chat with friends, text messages, browse stories or photos, we will be surprised that we rarely notice that those colorful and vivid images were all composed of the three primary colors- red, blue, and green.

Every gesture and motion are only performed by the changing brightness of every single dot. Our eyes play the main role in merging the dots to create the various colors that we feel like weโ€™re seeing.

Eye Simulation is using optical fiber to transport the light from the screen of an iPhone to the other end of the fiber optic, creating a surface that shows the content of the screen with a mosaic effect. When the light goes through the fiber, it physically merges the RGB dots into a color, which is closer to what we thought we are seeing.