// new media class

Richard Ley — how to compost your-self

Compost & Cosmos — Summer 2023

video installation, 8 minute loop
compost container, television, organic material

Is self-development a conscious process or is it passively imposed?
Within capitalist societies, the self is a commodity. And the pursuit of uniqueness can lead to self-categorization and confinement.

In reality, our identities and experiences are not isolated and not fixed. They are in constant development and entanglement.

We are all compost – Donna Haraway

This work invites you to compost your-self. To let go of your boundaries and join the warmth of the compost, where so-called selves are sloshing around and mixing freely – rotting and evolving.

The installation works as a portal into the speculative compost-pile of the self. Viewers are presented with a narrative collage – a compost-film. Found footage videos are mixed and layered in order to try to examine the often unseen forces that shape our sense of self through media.