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Erik Anton Reinhardt — Congratulations, 1000% Entrepreneurial Potential

Carte Blanche — Summer 2022

The entrepreneur as a (pop-)cultural icon shapes an ideal of hypomanic personality traits, but also an insecurity of not being enough. Self-help tries to provide help using this ideal that makes help necessary in the first place. This is reflected in self-help measures like self-help literature or online entrepreneurial potential assessment, with congratulations often given after successful completion.
The registered instructional self-help book "Congratulations, 1000% Entrepreneurial Potential" contains the 1000 most often appearing items+answers. It is self-help in the sense of conveying this ideal as a universal ideal, but also for successfully completing the online assessments themselves. The book shows the ambiguity between conveyed personality traits and the reason self-help is legitimized in the first place – insecurity.