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Erik Anton Reinhardt — How to?

Legacy — Winter 2021

In the moment of procrastination, we live with a constant feeling of guilt: freetime translates into wasted time since it fails to serve workforce productivity. The gesture of self-optimization can be interpreted as a gesture of procrastination, with the difference that the former disguises our feeling of guilt. Self-optimization is self-sustaining; our initiating self-optimization allows the consumption of optimization content to continue further. Quite pragmatically, optimization leads to more optimization...
"How to?" videos exist endless in quantity and constitute one of the most common medium of self-optimization. The nature of this medium is ambiguous in whether it is trying to teach or to entertain, which exactly disguises the feeling of guilt. "How to?" generates a continual "How to?" tutorial stream when the user inputs a question, conveying self-optimization as procrastination in disguise.

Finn Jakob Reinhardt

Documentation: https://youtu.be/tjIw-oRKoTk