// new media class

Alisa Goikhman — De Haèlle

Making History (Short-term Project) — Summer 2015

We cannot send physical goods via digital communication so we send them in the post. Unlike instant messaging the postal service is operated by people and therefore inherently time consuming. In a matter of speaking parcels travel not only in space but also in time. The notion that you sent something to the future is a natural conclusion made by anyone who ever sent a package to a distant friend.

De Haèlle Cheeses designed to benefit from the unreliability of our postal service. The duration and the method of the delivery are appropriated to develop a unique line of cheeses that ripe and mature on the way to their recipients.

Will a short flight to Italy effect the homemade blue cheese, or is a delivery via land is needed? Is being stuck in Ukrainian costumes will alter the final outcome? Does a long journey on a boat to another continent can linger as a unique aftertaste?