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Valerian Blos — Not in Time, A: Futureprobe

Kinetic — Winter 2012

How will the future look like? In search of a general prediction, the human mind reaches the limits of his capacity: Too much variables and too much random events can happen which impacts the course of history. But the future is not unclear at all! Its for sure that in exact this moment, causes happens that will affect future generations. And in this context, I want to let the viewer think about our relation to time, future and their presently. For this ambition, I provide two experiments to draw conclusions for an unpredictable future:

A: Futureprobe
Einsteins timedilation implies, that for objects that are moving through space with high speed, time runs slower. I intend to use this phenomenon for an experiment: By using a centrifuge, you can send a personal sample through time. On a LED display you can read off the time difference to the viewer and at the end, an object from the past is generated: an artifact that challenges our relationship to the present.

B: Starving Prediction
Click on this link, to see the second experiment.