// new media class

Mayan Printz — Iron Doom

Kinetic — Winter 2012

The Iron Doom installation initiate/reproduce youtube videos shot in Israel on November 2012 during 'Operation Pillar of Defence'. The videos are 'phone made' documentation of the 'Iron Dome'; an Israeli air defence system designed to intercept and destroy short-range rockets and artillery shells. The installation is made using a vinyl record playing a composition of the sound of the original videos, a laser pointer turning on the record creating a reflection of two points of light that meet with an explosion effect seen throw an iPhone camera and a set of routers that imitates a city skyline. Throw the remaking of the video documentation within an 'artificial' apparatus the work deals with media representation of war and attempts to confront with questions of reliability, evidence and testimony that raise from the growing amount of so called DIY news reporting. in other words it plays with the fragile mechanism of how war looks like throw the near distance of the internet.