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Johannes Gierschner — ME:MORIAL

Exhibition in the Cloud — Summer 2012

Buildings are commonly declared as memorials without any meaning of personal and individual matters. And because people can't identify themselves or build up a connection with them, they won't remember any of them. This clearly causes the purpose of a memorial to fail. But people's desire to remember individual and personal things is growing, when everybody's memories are vanishing in the flood of the digital reality and a loss of analogue personality occurs.

In order to give that desire a lasting satisfaction, I created "ME:MORIAL".

This project shall create remembrance. Remembrance of personally important things between you and me that doesn’t care about governmental restrictions. With "ME:MORIAL" you can transform every object into a representation of your most personal memories, stories, emotions or relationships that will last forever.

By submitting a "ME:MORIAL" application-profile with your story at iamjohannes.com/memorial, you have the opportunity to generate and receive (production costs: 30 €) your individual "ME:MORIAL" enamel sign, which you can mount to your specified place and this way, create your own, very personal memorial.